Getting Started

We get many questions from people interested in ADAS such as the following:

-  "What diagnostic tablet should I get?"

- "What calibration frame package would be best for me as a Glass Repair Shop?"

- "What's the difference between VCI and VCMI?"

One of the biggest roadblocks to ADAS calibrations is accessing the right equipment for the diverse needs of different shops. The types of calibrations done for a collision shop will be different from an autoglass specialist, which will be different than a shop that specializes in Japanese or European makes.


Diving into ADAS Calibrations is an exciting new way to generate revenue for any automotive shop. With the fast growing trends of self driving and automated safety systems, the need for calibrations will only grow over the next decade. 


Let ADAS Depot take away all the guess work and help guide you towards the best calibration package for your needs. Let's break down the essential equipment you need into four main categories:


The tablet is the brains of your calibration business. The software on this machine is what gives you access to Autel’s deep diagnostic and calibration capabilities.

Key considerations for picking a tablet:

1. What calibration frame will you use?
2. What level of detail do you require in your diagnostics?
3. Are you performing wheel alignment / verification?
4. Budget/cost


The frame dictates your workflow - how quickly and accurately do you want to be able to run your calibrations?

Key considerations for picking a frame:
1. Will you calibrate at a fixed location or will you be moving from shop to shop?
2. How many customers do you aim to service in a day?

3. Budget/cost



The targets will determine what makes and models you’re able to handle.

Key considerations for picking targets:
1. Do you specialize in certain makes/models?
2. Who are your customers and what are their needs?




Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)

This box wirelessly connects to your vehicle's OBDII port and is what allows the tablet to speak to the vehicle, as well as perform fault scans and calibrations.

Key considerations for picking VCI or VCMI:


1. Will you benefit from a 4-Channel Oscilloscope, Digital Volt Ohm Meter, Waveform Generator, or CAN bus tester?

If you have any questions or need help choosing equipment, 

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